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Megan Hine

Books and Publications

Magazine and Online


On Screen

  • Mission Survive Season 1&2
  • The Homerun Season 1&2
  • Weather terror
  • Berghaus photo shoot – model
  • Stunt double and stand-in for some well known A-list faces.
  • OEX photo shoot – model
  • FINDRA photo shoot – model
  • ‘I shouldn’t be Alive’ Climbing and falling Stunt double
  • ‘Car Vs Wild’ 4x4 stunt driver
  • ‘Jungle Expedition’ 4x4 stunt driver
  • ‘Namibia Expedition’ 4x4 stunt driver
  • Land Rover promotion 4x4 Stunt driver

Behind the Scenes

  • Man vs Wild
  • Science of Survival
  • Breaking Point
  • Escape from Hell
  • Mission Survive
  • Running Wild
  • Survivor Games
  • Absolute Wild
  • I shouldn’t be Alive
  • Car vs Wild
  • Antura Children’s Jungle Survival
  • The Homerun
  • The Island

Inger Kenobi

Books and Publications

You can read the Harvest article here (it’s in Norwegian)

Inger was a contributing author in the non-fiction book: Ramble On: A Celebration of Walking

And for a short time, she had a column with cCHANGE titled Ask Inger

Oh! And she also wrote a book about going from being a mindless shopper to becoming a mindful consumer. Check it out here.  And here


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