Connect with the wild.

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‘And from the depths of the forest a call still sounded’ - J. London


Pack your bags!


Introducing WILD, a series of revolutionary live events created for motivated individuals who are ready to take their life to the next level.

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You have a great life, but you have some lingering questions. Questions like:

  • Could more be possible for me?
  • What if I felt less afraid? More alive? Less like an imposter?
  • What if I stopped hiding?
  • What if I took a leap of faith?

We know you have the answers to those questions within, but we also understand how tricky it can be to find them on your own.

By stepping outside your every-day life and immersing yourself in new experiences with likeminded people, this process suddenly speeds up. Now the answers will find you.

New experiences are the best ways to grow and learn.

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This is your invitation

Come on a journey of a lifetime, make new friends, and leave feeling rejuvenated and fully alive

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Who this is for

Our live events are created for successful individuals who are serious about going after their biggest and boldest dreams. Watch out world!

Our live events are ideal for people who can’t wait to step outside their comfort zone and explore what lies beyond self-imposed limitations. No more procrastinating.

No more overcomplicating things.

No more excuses.

Our live events will be filled with individuals looking to connect with their wild side.

It’s time to team up with others who get that ambition is not a dirty word.

Does this feel like a YES? Then what are you waiting for!

Get ready for unforgettable adventures, mind-blowing coaching, and tons of fun.

Our live events are exclusive and highly unique and will be priced accordingly. Please consider this before reaching out to us.

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You'll discover

  • that your life is worth getting wild about.
  • that it’s never too late to move forward and try something new.
  • that it’s possible to feel fully awake, peaceful, fearless, driven, mindful, fun as hell, authentic, resilient, aligned with your highest truth, relaxed—all at the same time.


Megan Hine is an internationally renowned female survival expert, celebrity expedition leader, and adventure catalyst.

Her vast wealth of experience and knowledge gained from leading hundreds of adventures across the globe enables her to organise unique expeditions to untouched and wild places.

She’s also the author of the book, ‘Mind of a Survivor’ and has worked on a wide range of adventure television shows.


Inger Kenobi is an author and a life coach whose mission is to awaken others to just how amazing the world is.  As a private secretary she had the pleasure of serving under two Ambassadors, one CEO, and the previous right hand of the Dalai Lama. It was during that time the Norwegian Queen named her, ‘The one who gets everything done for me.’

As a personal life coach she has the pleasure of helping others transition into extraordinary success with joy, momentum, and ownership.

Inger also spent ten years living at a Tibetan Buddhist centre in California where she received extensive training in running and participating in retreats.

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